Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For Ryan

This post is for my friend, Ryan, who is surely sitting by, waiting with bated [insert pause while I check the spelling of "bated." Spelled it wrong the first time.] breath to read tonight's ramblings. I got to visit Ryan and his wife this evening and meet their newly adopted newborn son. Their adoption saga is truly epic, and not in a good way. But I know they'll say it was all worth it to have their tiny, beautiful son in their arms and hearts and family forever.

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D said...

As I read your blog dear daughter, I realize now how God has been equipping you all of your life, for this daunting task. Your mother and I are amazed and filled with awe as we watch how skillfully, tenderly yet firmly you (and your equally gifted Vince)lovingly raise your three little ones while pressing through each of the adoption hurdles.

We're praying for you and your new son.

D & M