Monday, July 12, 2010

What will Ari name his Chinese brother?

This morning Ari seemed concerned that he wouldn't be able to pronounce his new brother's name.  (An amusingly mild concern, relative to what he could be concerned about, I think.)  I told him that we could name his brother whatever we want, if we choose to, but that I was sure he could learn to pronounce a Chinese name.  Hours later he suggested the name "John."  John, I said? Ari grinned.  Yes, John.  Hmmm...we'll put it in the maybe pile. 

I got my new Florida birth certificate in the mail today.  And tomorrow I will probably mail it right back to have it state certified.  I've been working on my 16-page questionnaire...have nearly finished it!  Vince asked if he could copy my answers.  Um, I think they might notice something like that.  Made myself an adoption to-do list.  Several of the items (like the questionnaire) are Vince-to-do.  (Note to self:  do not nag.)  This coming weekend we have a two-day (all day) parenting class with the adoption agency.  I'm going to pretend that it's a romantic get-away with my husband.  After all, we'll be child-free for a total of 12 hours.  When was the last time that happened? 


ali_moran said...

Have fun at your 2 day class!!!

Okay so ladybugs are supposed to be good luck for adoption. Some say that if you see a ladybug after you get your referral you count the number of spots it has on it and that will be how many months you have to wait to meet your child. Now of course that really isn't true...but it is fun :-)

Good luck on all your stuff!!! And by the way...I put up sticky notes on the mirror to remind my husband to write his part of the biography......I know it is hard to get them to do one little part of it. ;-)

butterflylanding said...

I admire your perseverance! It is a gift to your next child, all the time, work and love you are putting forth. God bless you and give you energy, peace and guidance. xoxo az in Utah