Monday, August 23, 2010

The Call

If you were at Harmony Vineyard Sunday you saw a promo video for The Call event taking place in Sacramento on September 3-4.  My descriptors can't really do justice to this movement and its impact over the last 10 years.  So follow the link and check it out yourself. 

If you find your heart resonating with this message and call, I encourage you to participate in some way.  We plan to watch as much as we can online, free, via GOD TV .  For those of you who love great worship music--Rick Pino, Matt Gilman, Brian and Jenn Johnson, and Leeland (and plenty of others, I'm sure) will be at The Call leading worship. 

It was while watching Lou Engle speak last fall that we knew with certainty we were called to adopt.  We believe that adoption is a strong prophetic act which directly counters the spirit of abortion and which demonstrates the lavish adoptive heart of the Father.

So watch with caution.  You might just get your heart broken over the things that break God's heart, and you may never be the same.

I happen to think that's a good thing.  :o)

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