Saturday, September 4, 2010


I picked up my medical paperwork yesterday from the doctor's office.  I don't have TB, by the way.  I think the doctor got a stern lecture from the office notary for signing my form three days ago with no notary present.  I said to her at the time, "Um, aren't you supposed to sign that in front of the notary?"  Dr:  "Oh's no big deal...she knows my signature."   Me:  "Um...well...OK."  [thinking to myself:  Lady, you'd better not mess up my form for China, so help me...]  The office also misplaced my husband's urine sample, so he had to go back and leave another.  This doesn't exactly inspire confidence. 

So you'd think my primary relief would be that I am in good health and passed all my tests, but all I could feel as I left the office, guarding my precious document, was nervous hope that every "i" had been dotted and every "t" crossed correctly.  I can SO imagine the profound relief of every prospective adoptive parent who, at long last, completes the dossier and ships it off to China!  I eagerly look forward to relieving myself of that particular burden. 

We are now waiting for approval of our home study.  Once we have that, we will submit an initial application to USCIS asking for approval to adopt a child from China. 


Darlene said...

Thats funny.....we had the opposite problem. My husband's doctor didn't have a problem having his signature notarized but refused to show his driver's license. Our notary requires that. He refused only willing to show his Costco card and that was if he could cover certain information up that was on that card....unbelievable! We had to have another doctor complete it.

Carolyn said...

Can you believe how expensive the USCIS application is??? Especially on the heels of paying for FIVE passports!