Saturday, November 27, 2010

And just like that . . .

Our dossier:  it looks less impressive than it actually is
. . . after five months of nearly non-stop work. . . our dossier is out of my hands and on its way to Holt.   I felt all trembly and nervous Friday afternoon as I finished up the photocopies and handed it over to be mailed.  Like, I can't believe this is it. . . my labor of love, in a sense, complete.  (And in a whole other sense, just beginning.)  Quite surreal, actually, to have conquered this task.  And I'm not gonna lie--I'm pretty darn proud of myself!  In case you're interested, here is what our dossier comprised:  

Family Information Form
Application Letter
Birth Certificate - husband
Birth Certificate - wife
Marriage Certificate
Employment Letter- husband
Employment Letter- wife (in my case, I had to write a letter stating that I am NOT employed...which I found amusing) 
Certificate of Financial Status
Certificate of General Physical Examination- husband
Certificate of General Physical Examination- wife
Police Clearance/Domestic - husband
Police Clearance/Domestic - wife
Adoption (Home) Study
Passport Page -husband
Passport Page -wife
I-797(this is approval of the I-800A application)
Photographs (several specific photos of our family in our home, properly attired, as well as photos of the front and back of our house)

Nearly every document on this list had to be notarized, then certified by the Secretary of State in the state where the document originated (we had a few Kansas and Florida documents mixed in), and finally, authenticated by the Chinese Consulate in Chicago. 

And hence, the massive collection of paper on my table.  The good folks at Staples are going to miss seeing my face.  [Fun fact:  we have spent $15.64 on photocopies so far.] 

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Kevin said...

almost like - ok... now that THAT is over... what do i do next? twiddle my thumbs?

interesting that those fancy papers are headed to such a disctinctive and important place like... holt!

congrats on that feat done!