Thursday, November 4, 2010

I-800A approval!

We received word this afternoon that our I-800A application has been approved!  In case you forgot, this is the "Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Convention Country."  So, it has been Determined that we are Suitable.  Hooray! 

Once we get the actual approval in the mail, we can finish state-certifying all the documents for our dossier, which we will then mail to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago for authentication.  And THEN...we send our dossier to Holt who will send it to China.

It is completely possible that we could be matched with a little boy. . .our son . . . by Christmas.  Wouldn't that be grand?!? 


Melanie said...

By Christmas? So there must be almost no wait for referral in China! For Korean adoptions, people wait months for referral. Congrats!

Valerie said...

Jerusha, that's wonderful news. The greatest Christmas present ever was a little baby boy and I hope that's true for the Staggs, too!

By the way, just out of curiosity, what made you decide on a little boy? Will they be harder to adopt from China because of their one-child rule and preference for male children? Just wondering. :)

JulieM said...

So exciting to be so close to DTC! Can't wait to see the little boy that will be perfect for your sweet family!

asian~treasures said...

: ) As mommy to a precious Chinese-born son, HOORAY!! Praying you get that referral call by Christmas!!

And, Valerie, to answer your questions, NO, boys are not harder to adopt. While some boys who are adopted from China do have some sort of special need, that isn't always the case. Our little guy is SUCH a blessing!!

: )

The Oswalds said...

So very exciting!