Monday, February 7, 2011

A grab bag post

Gong Xi Fa Cai!  Happy Chinese New Year!  Our family went to a Chinese New Year fair at a local community college this past weekend.  It wasn't exactly worth the drive, but we enjoyed being together as a family.  We saw many adoptive families there; I longed to identify with them, to shout out enthusiastically, "Us too!  Us too!"  My husband and I discussed what we heard in our adoptive parenting class (and have read since)--that adopted children benefit from identifying with other adopted children, not just other children of their same ethnicity.  Of course, to do both would be a bonus!  And I think we'll be able to provide those connections for our son.  Next Chinese New Year, I'd rather get together with some other families and their adopted Chinese children. . . eat some Chinese food. . . wear our Chinese silks. . . I'm looking in your direction, Aldridges, Gilkesons (and anyone else who wants to join in).

A. learning to write a Chinese character

My sweet fam...and the most decent photo we've taken in a while
In other news, God has been opening doors for us to lead worship together (DH and I), in answer to some very specific prayers.  It is often quite difficult to move forward in, or even to pursue at any level of involvement, the gifts and callings placed upon one's life when family and young children must be a priority.  A well-meaning friend once told me, "You have babies now.  This just isn't your season."  Well, sort of.  And also, no.  There are seasons of hiddenness, times to hunker down and give sole focus to the thing(s) most pressing.  For instance (and I'm just speaking completely hypothetically here), the baby who needs to nurse every 72 minutes. 

But parenthood doesn't permanently nullify every other design the Father has for me.  Or for you.  I am inspired by the women I see around me--some of them mothers of a great many children!--operating in their gifts and callings and interests (because YES, God cares about those, too).  Running t-shirt companies, advocating for adoption and encouraging adoptive families, writing (beautifully), taking really great photos.  And I could go on and on. We have become passionate about people discovering what they were made to do. . . the unique ways God shines through them. . . and then doing those things with joy!  Serving God is often hard work, yes, but should not be soul-draining drudgery.  As we prepare to add a fourth child to our family, my goal is to expend my energy on things that are most fruitful and most life-giving, to me and to others.  I don't have time to do otherwise.  

So DH and I are thankful for the recent opportunities to do, as a couple, what we were created to do.  Last night we led worship at Northland House of Prayer.  The Holy Spirit showed up in a special way.  We look forward to more.

And we're thankful to my parents, who lovingly care for our children so we can pursue that which gives life to the soul and spirit (and that includes date-night).  It really does "take a village."  

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Valerie said...

I'm just so glad you are using your musical gifts to edify the body. I know from personal experience of your God-given talent and heart for worship and ministry; and pray God continues to bless you and Vince as you honor Him.