Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's in a name?

Not too much to report these days.  We are still waiting for LOA (Letter of Acceptance).  It's been 41 days.  So it could arrive today, tomorrow, or not for three more weeks. 

We applied for another grant.  A friend, also adopting from China, told me about it.  Seems to be a quick, easy process (unlike many grant applications which require three years' worth of tax returns, multiple letters of recommendation, and vials of blood from each family member); we pray, as always, that God will grant favor and supply all we need.  Woo-hoo!  I know the Ultimate Grant-Giver! 

That brings us to the name dilemma.  DH and I have the hardest time naming our children.  I'm sure that probably indicates something about indecision, a troubled psyche. . . or we're just really, really picky about names.  My name is Jerusha, and our children's names are similarly unique.  So if you've heard of a particular name more than about once, it's a good bet we won't be using it.  None of this "I-can-name-seventeen-other-children-who-share-my-kid's-name" business.   We're supposed to submit our son's chosen name to our agency any moment now.  But so far?  Total blank, other than retaining his Chinese name as a middle name.  Actually, I have ceded this naming responsibility to DH, who has, at times, felt he is little more than the check-writer in this adoption affair.  (We've been working through this.  Ouch.)  A little hard for me to keep my hands off it, though.  Not like I have any brilliant suggestions of my own.  I'm just eager to name our son (great blog post here), hopeful that will make him seem a bit more real.  We do believe God will reveal the right name to us, soon--the first of many gifts we'll bestow on our son.


Vincent said...

How about the name Liam? Life Is A Miracle: L-I-A-M

DoulaJo said...

I love that ^^ !! But you know Liam is not completely unpopular these days. :-)

The Raudenbush Family said...

Can't wait to hear how God leads you to name this special boy!