Monday, May 23, 2011

Prayer guide for our trip

Here is a daily schedule to help focus your prayers for us as we travel.  And of course, feel free to pray anything else the Lord puts on your heart.  Those of you who have "been-there-done-that" will no doubt have things to add!  {side note:  our house will be occupied while we are away...just putting that out there.}  Thank you for lifting us up, friends. 


Prayer Request
Flying from Kansas City to Chicago to Beijing.
Peaceful departure and goodbyes to the kids.  Safe travel with no delays or missed connections or lost luggage.
Still flying!  Arrive in Beijing at 3:15 p.m. local time.
Grace, comfort, and rest during a very long flight.  Quick recovery from jet lag. 
Orientation with our adoption agency followed by lunch and tour of Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City.
Blessing, protection, and peace over our children at home and those caring for them.  Pray for consistent internet connections and no trouble using Skype to communicate.
Leave Beijing and fly to Nanjing.
Safe flight to Nanjing.  Restful sleep each night.  Pray for Jiushu’s heart and spirit as he prepares to meet his mommy and daddy and say goodbye to the only caregivers he has known.
Go to Civil Affairs office to receive Jiushu and do paperwork.
Pray that we would all sense God’s tender presence in this first encounter, and that Jiushu would be wrapped in peace and security. 
Complete paperwork at Civil Affairs office.
Pray that as we talk to the orphanage staff, we will receive info/answers to help us understand Jiushu—his habits and preferences, etc.  Pray for paperwork to be completed correctly and quickly.
Free day in Nanjing
For love and attachment to develop quickly between Jiushu and us.  For strength, energy, and joy even as we are hot, tired, and emotional.
More free time in Nanjing—sightseeing, shopping.
For protection from sickness and injury for us all.  Pray for healing and restoration of any damage to Jiushu’s body. Pray that we will fully enjoy this trip!
Leave Nanjing in late afternoon and fly to Guangzhou.
Pray for a safe flight to Guangzhou.  We will be flying with Jiushu, of course; please pray he is calm and feels loved and secure.  Pray for our children at home, and family caring for them—comfort, protection, and fun as mom and dad are away.
Visa paperwork and medical exam (very basic) for Jiushu
For a quick, simple exam that does not cause Jiushu any fear.  For positive and joyful encounters with other adoptive families, and for times of spiritual refreshing with the Lord.  
Free day.  We hope to attend a Christian church in Guangzhou.
For wisdom in decisions regarding free time, spending money, and meeting Jiushu’s needs.  For restful sleep, and endurance in the hot weather. 

Free day in Guangzhou.  Sightseeing?  Paperwork?
Pray for Chinese people to come into relationship with the Father through His son Jesus Christ.  Pray for the strengthening of believers in China, and increase of the Holy Spirit’s activity there.
Visa appointment for Jiushu and oath-taking ceremony
Pray for all remaining paperwork to be processed correctly and on-time. 
Pick up visa.
Thank God for bringing us to this point in our journey and for His provision and equipping for all that lies ahead.  Pray that our final day in Guangzhou would be delightful. 
Leave Guangzhou.  Fly to Beijing, then to Chicago, then home to Kansas City.
Pray for no delays or missed connections as we fly.  For protection, comfort, and rest (esp. for Jiushu) throughout a very long trip home.  Pray for a sweet and joyful reunion with our children, and for our hearts to be full of courage and faith as we begin a new adventure as parents of four children.  Pray that God’s perfect love will cast out all fear in any of us, and that Jiushu would transition smoothly and quickly into our home and our family. 


Linds said...

This is great!! Praying for you friend!!

Michelle said...

This is a great idea, Jerusha! Hope you don't mind if I borrow it for my blog as well. I will be praying for you and the others who are leaving this week!