Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday (part 1)

My princess is four today!

We haven't had a party yet, or even opened any gifts.  But I hope to make today special for her.  I wrote recently about how things haven't always been great between us.   I didn't really describe in that post all the hard work and endurance that went into strengthening our relationship, and all without much immediate reward.  But time and effort and prayer and love certainly have paid off.  This girl is an absolute treasure, and I love spending time with her.  Which just further illustrates my belief...that attachment takes time, and is a fluid process.  The connection formed through breastfeeding, for instance, is a great foundation, but it doesn't obviate the need for ongoing efforts, new parenting strategies, a different love language, etc., such as I'm learning with my younger daughter, who ran off from me at the library yesterday for a good five minutes.  Not my finest motherly moment.  So there is grace, and flexibility, and patience required to form lifelong attachment and bonding with every child, whether adopted or biological. 

On another note...notice the tiny wedding picture in the background of my daughter's photo.  Today is also my ninth wedding anniversary!  I'm so thankful for the fantastic man God gave me as a husband.  And we don't mind at all sharing our special day with the birthday princess. 


RachelW said...

While staying with the kids when you were gone, I think I made them hotdogs for lunch one day. S informed me that "my mom's are better." My reply...."as it should be S, as it should be." Happy birthday to the one and only S. Without a doubt she is her own little person and has grown on me in the nicest of ways.

Krissy said...

Happy birthday sweet princess!

Michelle said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Happy birthday to her, and happy anniversary to you!

Tina Michelle said...

Aww, she is so adorable. I hope she has a wonderful birthday!