Thursday, July 14, 2011

Early morning comfort

I say "early."  I'm not actually going to tell you the time, because it's embarrassingly late by other people's standards--those of you whose kids get up at 5:00 a.m.  Sheesh.   Jiushu woke up crying about 90 minutes earlier than he usually wakes.  This was the first time for this since arriving home; J is a fantastic sleeper!  And in response to those who say, "Oh, you're so lucky!" I say, "nope."  We are a family of six living in a small, three bedroom house.  Smack-dab-next-to-each-other bedrooms.  So I began praying months ago that our new son would sleep deeply and peacefully every night.  And he does. 

I got up and went into his room, got him out of his crib.  Held him for a minute while his crying subsided and he caught his breath.  He quieted and began to voluntarily snuggle into my shoulder.  This is new for him.  I sat down in my glider and rocked him in the semi-dark, listening to him breathe and praying over him.  I'm not sure how long we stayed there...maybe a half-hour?  Every once in a while I'd look down my nose to see if he'd fallen asleep.  He was wide awake the whole time, gazing around the room, and sometimes up at my face.  I wonder if, after more than a month home, he woke up disoriented, forgetting where he was or how he had come to be in that room.  Then I imagined his inner monologue:  Where the heck am I?  Wait...the door is opening.  Who's that?  Oh...OK...I know that lady.  She's always hanging around, and she gives me food and stuff.  Calls herself "mama," I think.  Hmmm...snuggling.  This feels nice, actually.  I like this.  More, please. 

Mama will take more please, too.  But, and she's being honest here, she'd prefer the snuggling to happen at a more reasonable time of day. 

This photo is unrelated to my post, but I find it so funny, I just wanted to share.  I regularly find J with his legs sticking wonkily out of his today, during his morning nap.


Linds said...

So sweet.

Beth G said...

Those legs look like they're getting thicker too ;o). That's so great!

Rita and John said...

I love the photo! And how wonderful that he's turning to you for comfort. Maybe tomorrow he'll pick a different time of day...? :)

Kim and Greg said...

LOL!! That's a great photo...Ben's thighs would NOT fit thru those bars!!!...not even with grease!! Glad you got some snuggle time! Hope all is going well!

Adrian Roberta said...

*sigh* love those early morning hours of cuddle time before the house is all awake. But only if I can succesfully go back to sleep after (-:

Hope you were able to later!

D said...

We love reading your comments. What a wonderful glimpse into your world with little J. It's almost like we get to crack the door a bit and look through the darkness to see the two of you snuggling, and to hear him stop crying and begin breathing calmly and confidently.Answers to prayer!