Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A full, but good, day

I took Jiushu to the doctor today for what we suspect is a hernia.  Surgery is scheduled for later this month, although we may decide to cancel and wait a bit longer on that and another minor procedure which will be performed at the same time.

I'm thankful to my mom for staying at the house with my girls while I took the boys to the hospital.  Big brother, who had his own hernia surgery last year, came along to keep me company.   My mom had brought dinner, and stayed into the evening.  She was supervising J's tummy time when all-of-a-sudden she shrieked with excitement--he had rolled, with no help, from his back to his tummy, in both directions!  I came running, and watched him do it five more times!  I was thrilled, and could tell J was proud of himself too.  It's hitting me with a surge of emotion as I write this that most babies have learned to do this by seven months old.  Jiushu is fourteen months old.  Better late than never, kid.  Mama's proud of you!

Mom left and I had to wrangle the kids into bed by myself tonight.  Started extra early, 'cause the bedtime routine is no simple matter with four kids.  As I was getting the older kids to the bathroom, teeth brushed, etc., I came back to get J in his swing.  He had just finished his bottle.  And...ewwwww.  Poo blowout.  Out his shorts, down his leg.  The mixed blessing is that there was no padded cover on the swing--just bare plastic.  Why?  Because of last night's poo blowout.  The swing cover is clean and still in the dryer.  I had considered putting it back on earlier in the evening but didn't get around to it.  Whew!  Glad I didn't.  So, another bedtime bath for J.  And another load of laundry set to "sanitize."  Finally got the older kids to bed, and now I can breathe easy.

I'll wrap this up by saying we've had a few really good days in a row!  Jiushu seems more at peace, and more receptive to our affection and playfulness.  Therefore, my heart is responding to his heart responding to me.  Make sense?  Let's face it--a two-way relationship is way more fun than a one-way.  We sense J relaxing and becoming more trusting.  Trusting that we'll bring more food.  That I'll be right back.  That brother and sisters are pretty cool to have around.  That our home...our family...our arms are actually a safe and comforting place to be. 


Nicole said...

WAAAAAAAYYYYY to go Jiushu!! Wow, that's awesome! I know that "proud" look well, don't you just love to see that on his face? Don't worry, he'll catch up just fine! Think of all the milestones he will accomplish in such a short amount of time that you will get to witness, yourself!! Brooklyn still hasn't rolled over by herself yet (she's sooo close though!) but is starting to bear more weight on her legs and will even stand while holding onto something!

We Thank God for the small miracles everyday and try to celebrate them as much as possible! Congrats on this next milestone!!

Rita and John said...

Go, Jiushu! How exciting that he's making such great progress!

Lindy D. said...

I am new to your blog. It's exciting to read that your son is catching up on his skills. Most orphans come home with delays. Your care and attention will help him progress every day.

Krissy said...

and i go back to that comment of your friend about "womb time" or whatever... ive been giving that alot of thought. think of all the "yay, im pregnant... ewww my belly hurts, gross - that food smells terrible, i think i need to vomit, get your feet OUT of my RIBS, i cant sleep because this belly is too big..." lots of yay im pregnant, also came with lots of "oh, yah, i remember the heartburn..." that was just very wise of your friend. very wise indeed!

yay for rolling over - and liking it!!!!! good job j!

since trust is an issue... maybe non-threatening surgery could wait longer...

love your honesty j - love the real life level of truth you offer!