Thursday, August 11, 2011

MRI today

Still doing OK at this point. 

Not enthralled with the blood pressure cuff. 

Sad baby.  I hope it's not wrong of me to take photos of his crying.  I mean, I see this face quite often in every day life...along with all the cute, happy why shouldn't I capture it on camera? 

Next came the IV.  It took a couple of tries to get his vein...BOO!  This prep room was far as I was able to go with him.  He was not happy being taken away from mommy by a strange nurse. 

After...sleepy, drugged out baby.  He woke up pretty quickly, very upset.  The juice helped. 

The nurse warned me about keeping his head stable on the drive home so he could breathe, since he was still coming out of sedation.  His car seat positions him pretty upright, so I wound up a blanket to try to steady his head, but I could tell it wasn't working.  So I pulled the car over in the middle of downtown, at rush hour, to tilt the car seat at a non-recommended angle, wedging it against my driver's seat (I was smushed up against the steering wheel and sitting bolt upright) and wadding the blanket underneath.  Five minutes later I look in the rear view mirror to find the entire car seat, with Jiushu who had finally fallen asleep, careening dangerously on its side.  At the next red light, I turned around and heaved with all my might to re-wedge the car seat behind my seat for the rest of our drive home.  Great.  Problem solved.  Until I pulled into the garage and saw this.  Hmmm, something 

Note to self for future reference:  When bringing home young child who is still recovering from sedation, make sure, before leaving the parking garage, that car seat is securely fastened for the duration of the trip home at an angle which will promote continued breathing of said child. 


D said...

Great is the Lord, and greatly (is He) to be praised!

So grateful(that He is great-full) that when we pray for God's "traveling mercies" and protection, that He covers any and all possible situations and "configurations" of where and how we might need him to intervene.

Nancy said...

That is hysterical! I know it's probably not PC of me to say that, but I've SO had that exact thing happen, (more than once) sans the sedation.
Glad all is well.

Jennifer said...

Oh my. I know I have had a few times where the car seat has gotten unbuckled, but I don't think it ever moved that much!!! I am so glad you both made it home safely!

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at that! That's pretty funny. Makes me smile that we all have those inept parenting moments (even though I don't know what you could have done differently - my kids' heads STILL fall forward when they sleep in car seats - you'd think they'd make it where you can recline the head part a LITTLE). Anyway, I hope the results were good and that he's done with his doctor visits for a while. Bless his heart (and yours).

Gena said...

Love you Sis! What a rough day. Glad you have your sense of humor. :)

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh my goodness! Poor baby! He looks like a mannequin. Poor little guy -- I'd say he won't remember it, but now you've got pics to make sure he does! LOL! Your daily life is just an adventure, isn't it?

Big hugs from Phili,

Aldridge Family China Adoption said...

You made my day laughing! Love to you all!