Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunday snapshot: {the littlest littles}

These first three photos, taken within days of each other, are in a series simply entitled Stuck.  Subtitle:  Parenting is More Fun When You Can Laugh at Your Children's Predicaments.  [Disclaimer:  no Chinese babies were actually harmed during this photo session.  Ticked, yes.  But not harmed.] 

First the funny, then the cute.

Princess Tantrumella
We recently switched her from her toddler bed back to the pack-n-play; she was bothering the other kids, pulling books off shelves, emptying drawers of their clothes, sleeping in front of the door, etc.  She needed containment.  This week we realized she had defeated us.  So of course I wanted to watch her do it.

Now for the really sweet, including the ever-adorable post-bath baby photos, which are really hard to get when I'm both the bath administrator and the photographer.

Dad's goatee is awesomely fun!

Sunday Snapshot


5ennie said...

Adorable photos!!
Here from Sunday Snapshot.

Jennifer said...

Your little man is just too cute! Even when he's stuck! ;)
Love Princess Tantrumella!!! I totally need to use that! ;)
Have a wonderful Sunday!!!!

Martha said...

Cute photos...I see you homeschool...we do too!

Amy said...

We have a Prince Tantrumella. OH MY! Cute photos and thanks for sharing!

Rita and John said...

Adorable photos of your beautiful kids! You have an escape artist on your hands there!

Merrill said...

I have a feeling your "Princess Tantrumella" is similar to my "Prunella!" But they make life interesting, don't they?!?

Krissy said...

So, firecracker has a new name... love it! I think ill stick with firecracker - easier to spell :o)

Love the bath pix and the stuck pix... my first 2 never fell asleep in the highchair, and I wanted one of those classic pictures so bad... that when I was #3 headed to sleep in the chair - I waited him out with camera ready... instead of putting him in a more comfy place... so I SO get the - wait there shu, I've gotta get the camera. 3 days in a row - wow! That would tick me off too "sheesh, not AGAIN!"

Hugs j - lots of quiet hugs!

a blog full of weldons. said...

sad but true, i am just now getting to go back through and read your precious blog and get to know you and your beautiful kids a bit better! i just poured over post after post (including your beautiful post for WGI which brought me to tears knowing i share some of the same feelings you had) and i just adore you :)
Jiushu is perhaps the cutest little boy i've ever layed eyes on! that smile is killer and i want to kiss his cheeks right off!! what a fantastic mom you are and you've been such an encouragement to me! can we be neighbors :) hehe
much love to you dear friend!

Aldridge Family China Adoption said...

The first thing I noticed is how nice and filled out those little Chinese legs are! Great job!! You're awesome girlfriend!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Our laws of distance between crib bars were not meant for tiny active Chinese inhabitants! We can attest to that as well! And, our tiny Chinese inhabitant can climb out of her crib...or propel herself out. UGH.

Gena said...

I love you, J, and these precious kiddos. You maneuver the simultaneous administrator/photographer roles quite well, I must say! :0) I loved being over last night and getting to enjoy a little time with you all. You and Vince truly are wonderful parents.