Tuesday, August 23, 2011

whose report?

In the weeks before we traveled to China to adopt Jiushu, we received several unsettling updates from his orphanage.  Here are a few highlights: 
  • "...nerve...damaged already."
  • "...legs are not strong enough."
  • "He cannot bear weight; he cannot walk or sit alone." 
  • "After the surgery, he has not recovered well...[his] body does not have enough strength." 
They were so wrong.

God had something different to say about this child, a new name and identity to give him, in partnership with us, his parents.  The boy we met in China did, indeed, fit their description.  For a matter of days, weeks.  But no longer. 

Guess who stood, completely unassisted, in the middle of the living room floor yesterday for over sixty seconds?!?  Guess who scurried for her camera, hoping he'd still be standing?

We have delighted in watching Jiushu blossom physically since coming home.  Initially, our helping him learn to move and use his body was met with fear and angry resistance...and occasionally still is.  He did not know his capabilities because he had never been given opportunity to explore them.  But I now see in his eyes wonder at what he is able to do, and determination to keep doing it.  I watch his strong little back working to gain balance, and his small brown toes gripping the carpet with all their might...and I am proud of my son, not merely because of what he can do, but because of the worth and purpose and beauty the Father endued Jiushu with from the moment of his conception.  I continue to pray that God would align my heart and mind with His thoughts and feelings, not only about Jiushu, but about all my children.  About my husband.  Even about me. 

In Numbers 13 and 14, Moses sends men to explore the land of Canaan which God had promised to the Israelites.  The spies came back with a fearful and negative report, but Caleb and Joshua silenced them saying, The land is great!  And the Lord will lead us there.  Don't be afraid of the people there...their protection is gone, but the Lord is with us!  Caleb and Joshua never claimed there weren't giants in the land or that the walls weren't fortified; the spies had not given a false report.  But God's promise and directive to them loomed larger in their minds than what they saw with their natural eyes. 

I want to walk in faith like these men who, because of their belief that God was who He said He was and that He would do what He said He would do, were allowed to enter into this land of goodness and abundance and play a role in God's great destiny for Israel.  Left to my own devices, I tend to focus on the "giants in the land"--for me, right now, the disobedience and tantrums of one kid, the intensity and stubbornness of another, my own unruly emotions, the struggle simply to occupy five people all day long and to know His will for our home and our ministry--to the exclusion of the big, fat fruit hanging all around me!  That's why I need supernatural vision and hearing to see what God is doing and to hear what He is saying about my children, my marriage, my life and world--things which I often have trouble discerning except by the Spirit.  I don't want complaining and unbelief to keep me from the promised good stuff!

And now, since I am a worship leader, I can't close out this post without the lyrics from an oldie-but-goodie by the wonderful Ron Kenoly:  

Whose report will you believe?
We shall believe the report of the Lord.

His report says
I am healed,
His report says I am filled.
His report says I am free,
His report says victory.


Aldridge Family China Adoption said...

WOW!!!!! I'm so THRILLED!!!! Congratulations! What a faith-builder! May all our faith continue to grow!

petiteblogger said...

Love this!!!

Nicole said...

Oh Jerusha, what a lovely, uplifting, inspiring post!

Beth G said...

Amen and Amen! I'm thrilled to hear it, and thankful that you shared it! I needed the reminder ;o).

Jennifer said...

That is wonderful!!! Keep goin' little man!!! :)

Amy said...

YEAAAAA!!! This is SO WONDERFUL!! Congratulations!! :)

D said...

Dear J, wow! We are filled with awe and thanksgiving at the images of our grandson standing! We continue to pray that Jiushu lives and "moves" and has his being in the Lord Jesus. D & M

Rita and John said...

Oh, Jerusha! How wonderful! Prayers answered--and in a spectacular way!

Krissy said...

Moving and grooving... rocking and rolling... and not a happy firecracker. She isn't dealing well with being dethroned...

a blog full of weldons. said...

tears upon tears of joy! this rocks!!!