Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"stuck": let's compare

Do you recall this photo collection?  It happened again.  And of course I had to photograph it again.  So I thought it might be fun to do a little comparing. 

July 2011
August 2011
today--October 2011
What do you think?  Have we put a little meat on those legs in four months?  I tell you, they were wedged in there something fierce!  Here's one more stark contrast--not part of the "stuck" collection.  Look at those scrawny sticks!  How is he holding up his head?  The difference four months can make...astonishing.  

June 2011

And in case you're wondering why you see lavender and flowers in his crib...well...certain things take a backseat when you have four kids under the age of seven, three of whom share one bedroom.  Appropriately gendered room decor is just one of them.


Krissy said...

HA!!! my oldest sleeps under flowers and dragonflies, while the girlie has baseballs and star wars to enjoy!

love the chunky monkey legs!!!!! yay staggs! even when he refuses food or wants it only on his terms... those calories are getting in there!!!

Jennifer said...

Love it! He must be a scooter in his sleep. :) My oldest scoots forward. She'd always bonk her head! :) He just happens to go backwards and get stuck! Hee, hee :)

Rita and John said...

Too funny, and just look at that SMILE! What a cutie you have. :)

Janet said...

Look at your boy GROW!

The lavender and flowers are character-building. Because what J needs is more character! :)

Nancy said...

He looks gorgeous in lavender! Heck, he'd look pretty stinkin' handsome in any color!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful, beefy legs on that one! I love to see the growth in the first months home. Look at his TINY arms in the excersaucer...goodness. And I for one love the fact that he sleeps in lavender bedding. :) Reality, right?