Thursday, October 6, 2011

wildly entertaining

After lunch today, Shu spent a solid 40 minutes alternating between unrestrained glee and intent fascination.  The cause?  This.

The older kids were reflecting light off a library book near the window.

And I think Shu could have watched it all day long.  He clapped. He stared.  He tried to reach the light.  He was as vocal as I think I've ever heard him...LOUD...and happy. 


And he stood up and sat down and stood up again so many times, his little noggin' got super duper sweaty. 

One can never predict the unexpected delights an afternoon may bring! 


T said...

So sweet. I love watching my children delight in such simple things. He is precious.

Rita and John said...

Isn't it amazing that the simpler things are so entertaining? I love the one photo of your little boy standing and looking up.

Johanna said...

oh boy!! He is SO CUTE!!!!

Jennifer said...

It's the little things, huh? :) I love that he made his head sweaty! How cute is that?