Monday, October 17, 2011

you have won my heart

I got a precious half hour alone with my older daughter this morning.  We snuggled.  She drank milk; I drank coffee.  I read some Psalms aloud, the IHOP prayer room webstream on in the background.  She asked if Goliath was in the "Palms."

We were intimate with each other and with the Lord, and it was so beautiful.  He is drawing my heart, after decades of walking with Him, to go deeper still.  To allow Him to meet me in spite of the distractions.  To believe that He will, that He sees me, that His gaze is upon me, that He will not pass this mama by.  He longs to enjoy me the way I enjoy my girl--the spark in her brown eyes, her clever musings, her hand reaching for mine across our cereal bowls--though I cannot seem to comprehend this.

Jesus, stir up my hunger.  I want to echo the words of Psalm 42 with authenticity:  As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.  I thirst for God, the living God. When can I go and stand before him?  Cause the amusements of this world, the opinions of man, and my own exhausting self-judgements to lose their glitter, to pale in their benign triviality before the beauty and richness of knowing You deeply. 
I give you my affection, I give you my devotion. It all belongs to You.  Holy One, you have won my heart. 

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Rita and John said...

What a beautiful time for you with your daughter.

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Stephanie said...

My heart breathes the same prayer as yours...and sadly, the distractions of this world win out all too often.

Krissy said...

thank you for sharing your heart!

Sherry said...

Could you tell me who wrote the song you quote at the end of your post and what the title is? I've been on a massive search across the internet and cannot seem to find the information I need! Could you email it to me at