Tuesday, January 31, 2012

7 things of (questionable) interest

This little "award" has been circulating in blogland recently, and was passed along to me by E at Every Day the Wonderful Happens--a fellow adoptive mama whose witty musings I've been enjoying lately! 

The rules of the award:  1) thank the person who gave you this award.  2) list 7 things people may not know about you.  3) pass it along to a few other bloggers. 

  1. My husband and I met in college, in a band that toured doing ministry/PR for the school, but didn’t become more than friends until six years post-graduation.  I think we surprised a few folks!  He claims it took that long to wear me down, but I know full well he was “keeping his options” open, even when he emailed me again out of the blue.  Sometimes we wish we'd have known we'd end up together.  Who knows, we might have 11 kids by now!  But both of us were varying degrees of hot mess back then, and needed to work through some things first.  For those of you who know Dr. Husband and would like a tidbit you didn’t know about him:  he was sporting a ponytail when we first began dating.  A ponytail!  I’ll just let you mull that one over. 
  2. I am a serious cuticle picker.  So serious that I frequently make myself bleed.  And I cannot stop.  Once a guy I was dating called me on it.  Told me he thought it signified emotional distress or whatnot.  That was ironic coming from him.  But he seems to have turned out alright.  And of course I am in prime emotional health, so it's all good.
  3. I graduated from college with a degree in vocal music education.  But then I sort of chickened out and didn't look for a music position.  I took a job in the accounting department of an advertising agency (and later worked on the Hallmark account) where I stayed for two years while I accrued an additional 30 credit hours to become math teacher-certified.  I wound up teaching high school math for five years--middle school for one year--and have never taught music other than voluntarily or to my kids.  But certainly the music background has been helpful to me as a worship leader.
  4. I have a huge pet peeve regarding billboards.  I think most of them are unreadable while traveling down the highway at 70 miles an hour, and therefore a waste of advertising money.  Hard to see colors, too many words, too small font.  I often wish someone would hire me to be his billboard consultant.  I have ideas, people! 
  5. I love to read, and do read voraciously, but the writing has to be good.  I sometimes wish Christian fiction authors would hone their craft a bit more; I find some writing so trite and clunky I just can’t stand it, no matter how compelling the actual story might be.  Historical fiction comes across more believable than contemporary.  I’ve read some books thinking the entire time, “No!  No one I know speaks that way, not unless they’re trying way too hard!”  And please, stop dating the book by naming which inspirational CD your character just popped into the player.  We don't care.  Especially 11 years later.  And there’s my brief rant.  But give me a well-written book--"Christian" or not--and I will lock myself in the bathroom, ignoring my kids and husband, if necessary, to feed that habit. 
  6. I once sang Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” at a high school Sweetheart Assembly.  I was a math teacher at the time.  Now I can’t believe I sang such a colossally cheesy song, or that I had the guts to do so in front of 1500 teenagers.  Remarkably, I was not laughed off the stage. 
  7. I am a bit of a candy/sweets snob, and my kids’ Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s, etc. candy usually does not tempt me in the slightest.  Great news for my girlish figure, right?!?  But I do have a continually replenished Hot Tamales stash in the cupboard.  Hands off, family.  And I just bought two tubs of clearance frosting.  Peppermint!  75 cents!  It's really good on brownies.  Or on a knife inserted directly into my mouth.  
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Rita and John said...

Oh, Jerusha, how can I compete with your 7 insights into you? I'll try to respond, though I'll have to give it some thought. Thanks for the "award"! :)

thewonderfulhappens said...

I love that you are a candy "snob" who loves Hot Tamales! Those are good! Thanks for joining in the fun!

Valerie said...

Oh J, I enjoyed that immensely! Thanks! :)

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

love it... A hot mess, that describes us all at some point, but I love that phrase. too cute