Sunday, August 19, 2012

a hike in the woods: then and now

On Saturday morning we ventured out to our nearby state park, the same park I wrote about here

Shu then, October 2011.  Worn in hip carrier for several hours, then fell asleep in stroller.  And that sad face was not the exception.  He was like that 99% of the day. 

Shu yesterday, August 2012.

Mama and her boys

Staring at an airplane, maybe?

This is still his default face when the camera comes out.
He wanted to walk, people.  This is my child who still exudes anxiety talking a walk down the sidewalk through our neighborhood!  "No hand. No hand," said my child, who six weeks ago could not put two words together.

I wrote this in last October's post:  We have come a good way down the path, but the road which leads to healthy attachment, love, and trust stretches long ahead of us.  And there is nothing to do but walk on.

And so we continue to walk on. There is plenty of journey ahead, but we've put more miles behind us now, and it feels good.  Seeing Shu enjoying life along with the rest of us was a great blessing. 

My first and only intentional "belly pic" so far this pregnancy.  Figured I'd better get one.

My Bigs

Dad and his ducklings
My princesses, soon to be a trio



Rita and John said...

Oh, Jerusha! Look how far Shu and you have come on this journey! I love his face for the camera. What a beautiful family you have. Hope you're feeling great as you wait to meet your little one!

Sara said...

I love how much he's changed/grown! Seriously, the pics tell it all! I know the road is still long and still has some struggles for you guys, but doesn't it feel good to be in the "home stretch" and know that slowly but surely God is working on his little heart!

Kim said...

YAY SHU!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! His expressions are priceless! He has come a very, very long way. You look beautiful by the way!!! Congrats! So happy for you!

Krissy said...

such amazing progress! i love that! thanks for the updated pix on she - its been a while since I've seen him... he is losing his "babyness" in his face!

sweet momma!

Amy said...

WOW. WOW. WOW. What an amazing journey!! I know it's not over (probably never will be!). But holy cow! Such a difference!! I'm so happy for you & of course for Shu!! What a wonderful milestone to have achieved!!

& I just have to say, I stand by my comment from a few months ago - you are one hot mama!!! Gorgeous!! :)

anything but LoKEY said...

That is AWESOME!!! So glad to read this Jerusha!! YAY progress!!! Love it. :)

Christina Lang said...

How wonderful to 'meet' you and see pics of your beautiful family!! Congratulations!! Your family is beautiful.

TeamOehlkers said...

YAY GOD! It is truly amazing how far your family has come. So happy for you that you can enjoy the real, happy Shu more now.

M. said...

Jerusha!! Shu has awakened! Arise, shine, Shu, for your light has come! Is. 60 Tears of JOY!!