Sunday, August 26, 2012

"babe" subtitles: apraxic toddler version

Disclaimer:  I am not poking fun.  I am actually very happy that Shu is at a point where he is willing and able to comment intelligibly on the world around him.  

"Uh-no!" [oh no]

"Pee-guh!" [pig]

"Pee-guh night night."  

"Uh-no, fall down."


"Duck.  Duck.  Duck.  Duck...."  (Me: Yes, Shu, duck.)

"Eat.  Foo-duh."


"Guckt."  [truck???]

 "Uh-no!  'Way!  'Way!"  [oh no, away]  

and finally...some garbledy-gook that I'm positive meant "haircut," as in, the sheep are getting a haircut.

That's as far as we watched tonight.  After two yucky days in a row, including an evening with friends during which there was some obvious New Parent Shopping going on, today was blessedly pleasant, concluding with a so-very-normalish family movie.  Shu sat on my lap.  He said words.  It was good. 


Amy said...

How wonderful!! Isn't it wonderful to be able to sit back & have a "boring, regular old day?" :) I know those kind of days have eluded you for so long... I'm so happy Shu is starting to feel peace.

Michelle said...

Our kiddos sound so much alike verbally. Glad to hear that Shu is saying some intelligible words for you! Any progress is something to be thankful for, isn't it?!

Stephanie said...

Let's hear it for progress! Yeah!
And, let's hear it for a normalish, pleasant day...especially worth celebrating when if follows some not-so-good ones! :)

Krissy said...

goo-duh!!!! <3