Sunday, February 17, 2013

say yes to the bread

I picked up Hummus Girl from school (feeling mucho better!) on Friday and told her we would be stopping by a grocery store where we don't usually shop. ('Cause apples were $.68/lb. and we eat a LOT of apples.)  She told me about this special rainbow bread her friend had brought in her lunch and asked if we could find it.

So beautiful!  (Just try not to hyperventilate about the gallon of artificial dye.  It's a one time thing.)  Yay for me...I said yes!  Doesn't it feel good to say yes?

On the way home Hummus Girl asked if she could have candy once we got home.  I said "No, let's go for a healthy snack; we might have some sweets later."  She got upset, told me how disappointing it is when I say no.  I have to say she reacted with surprising maturity for a five year old...even if she did stay kinda pouty for a while.

I told her I understood how she felt; it's hard to hear "no."  I reminded her that we had searched for and bought the special bread she had asked for.  That I hadn't said no to the candy, rather, later.  Reminded her of the many times I say YES to her requests.

Oh...I act just like a five year old with God sometimes.  {hangs head sheepishly}

He says yes to me often, e.g. this beautiful chubby soul sitting in my lap, drooling on my left hand while I type with the right.  He said yes!!!

But I get tripped up over the "no"s and the "not right now"s.  Sigh.

We're teaching our children to trust us and our decisions on their behalf and to recognize the many times we say YES in order to delight their hearts...the very same lesson my Father God is still working on with me.

Thanks for the insight, rainbow bread.


Krissy said...

indeed... sometimes i need that rainbow bread reminder too...

Gena said...

Well said, wise sister.