Monday, June 25, 2012

my 18-hour getaway

Bed and breakfast?

Shopping excursion by myself? 


Just spent 18 hours in the hospital.  Passing at least one kidney stone, apparently. 

I had some pain Sunday afternoon, but assumed it was baby pressing on a nerve or kicking me the wrong way.  This ain't my first rodeo, you know?  Dr. Husband and I took the kids swimming, and I thought being in the water would help baby move off of whichever of my delicate organs she was battering. 

But the pain got worse.  So bad I became non-functional.  And when you're pregnant, or even when you're not, and have pain that severe, you're wise to get yourself to the ER. 

I was admitted to a labor and delivery room where I got another ultrasound, including my kidneys, and a whole lotta other tests.  Everyone was concerned I might be in preterm labor.  Twenty-four weeks is WAY too soon for baby to be making her appearance.  But all looked great with me and baby; this did not appear to be a pregnancy issue. 

The pain?  I had heard it's right up there with a natural childbirth, which I have experienced.  And I can confirm that is true.  It was BAD, people.  I was on an IV and got morphine all night long.  By morning was feeling way better, though even now I am still very tender.  Was sent home this afternoon with instructions to drink my weight in water every day.  Argh.  So I'll pretty much be living in the bathroom now. 

Very thankful for many things:  health insurance, good doctors and nurses, my sweet husband, my parents who pitched in to watch my four kids all of Sunday evening and much of today, relief from the severe pain, and a healthy baby who will bide her time in the womb. 

Would love for you to join me in praying that the stone still visible in my right kidney would dissolve and disappear and that I will have NO further complications or distress from this episode...thank you! 


Amy said...

Praying for you. I've had a kidney stone before (thankfully & hopefully my only one) - they suck! Good luck!!

Johanna said...

Oh no!!! Praying for you right now, sorry you had to go through that!:( so thankful the baby's ok!!!:)

Stephanie said...

Oh, honey. Not good. Not fun. I had two kidney stones with my pregnancy, so I get the drinking your weight in water. I also got to strain my pee in search of the little buggers each time! Good times, people.
Praying for a quick recovery and no repeat performance!!

Melissa Renno said...

Oh no! Praying for you for sure! My sister had the same thing happen...only it was DURING LABOR!! The docs didn't know what was wrong and the pain was super intense. They did a c-section and then a week later she ended up in the hospital all night, sounds just like your experience! That's when they figured out it was a kidney stone! NOT FUN! I'm so sorry girl. Now drink up!!!

a blog full of weldons. said...

praying sweet friend! i know several people who have had stones while pregnant and they are no joke...horrible! praying!!