Sunday, August 26, 2012

"babe" subtitles: apraxic toddler version

Disclaimer:  I am not poking fun.  I am actually very happy that Shu is at a point where he is willing and able to comment intelligibly on the world around him.  

"Uh-no!" [oh no]

"Pee-guh!" [pig]

"Pee-guh night night."  

"Uh-no, fall down."


"Duck.  Duck.  Duck.  Duck...."  (Me: Yes, Shu, duck.)

"Eat.  Foo-duh."


"Guckt."  [truck???]

 "Uh-no!  'Way!  'Way!"  [oh no, away]  

and finally...some garbledy-gook that I'm positive meant "haircut," as in, the sheep are getting a haircut.

That's as far as we watched tonight.  After two yucky days in a row, including an evening with friends during which there was some obvious New Parent Shopping going on, today was blessedly pleasant, concluding with a so-very-normalish family movie.  Shu sat on my lap.  He said words.  It was good. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

a hike in the woods: then and now

On Saturday morning we ventured out to our nearby state park, the same park I wrote about here

Shu then, October 2011.  Worn in hip carrier for several hours, then fell asleep in stroller.  And that sad face was not the exception.  He was like that 99% of the day. 

Shu yesterday, August 2012.

Mama and her boys

Staring at an airplane, maybe?

This is still his default face when the camera comes out.
He wanted to walk, people.  This is my child who still exudes anxiety talking a walk down the sidewalk through our neighborhood!  "No hand. No hand," said my child, who six weeks ago could not put two words together.

I wrote this in last October's post:  We have come a good way down the path, but the road which leads to healthy attachment, love, and trust stretches long ahead of us.  And there is nothing to do but walk on.

And so we continue to walk on. There is plenty of journey ahead, but we've put more miles behind us now, and it feels good.  Seeing Shu enjoying life along with the rest of us was a great blessing. 

My first and only intentional "belly pic" so far this pregnancy.  Figured I'd better get one.

My Bigs

Dad and his ducklings
My princesses, soon to be a trio