Thursday, September 16, 2010

Passports are here!

Yep, they're here.  We are now free to roam about the globe!  Except that MY passport arrived in a soggy cardboard envelope.  And is a bit. . . .warpy. . .bendy. . .not flat. . . .but appears otherwise undamaged.  So it's sitting out to dry.  And then I will place it under a heavy book.  Think it will be OK? 

Mine is the slightly curling one on the bottom
In other adoption-progress-related news:  Our home study was approved!  We are now waiting for the signed originals, which we will send with our application to USCIS (immigration). 

In non-adoption-related news:  I have poison ivy (oak? sumac?) on my FACE.  Blurgh. 


Melanie said...

Exciting passport news! Yours will just look more used...minus the stamps on the inside.

Wayne recently got poison ivy on his face. Actually, in his eye. Someone at work thought he'd gotten into a fight!! Hope you have drugs and it goes away soon. Wayne's seemed to last forever. :-(

rocket.p.grenade said...

How'd your non-smiling picture turn out? Do you look angry or just contemplative? Either way, congratulations! :)

M. said...

J - I just had to come over from the Holt board to visit my fellow neurotic researcher. LOL! Welcome to the journey! Every step is worthy of rejoicing and celebration!!
PS We also homeschool and have 3 bio kiddos already! cool!!

ali_moran said...

I bet you passport will be fine. That's weird that they weren't more careful with it though. :-(
I'm so happy about your homestudy being approved! It is a great feeling!!! Sorry about your face...that really sucks!!!

Mandy said...

I just found your blog through the Holt forum. We just arrived home with our daughter from China, and we have 3 biological children as well. I hope God blesses every step of your adoption journey, as He has blessed ours.