Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brother love

There has been some serious sibling love for X happening in our house this week.  It does this mama's heart good!  My son, age 6, came in while I was changing the baby's diaper and announced, out of the blue:  "I feel sad that X is not home with us.  I wish he could jump out of the pictures and come to life and be here with us right now!"

Later, during lunch, he said he felt like he might cry because X isn't home.  I encouraged him to pray for X whenever he experienced that sadness, thinking of his little brother.  So he promptly prayed, "Dear Jesus, please do a miracle and make X come home right now!"  I teased him, gasping and pointing under the dining room table, as if his prayer had immediately been answered.  I mean, my faith level is rising, and I am learning to believe God for "more than all we ask or imagine", but umm...I wasn't really holding my breath on that one.   

My daughter, age 3.5, saw X's photo on the computer screen and said, "Hi, brother.  I love you."  And earlier today I caught my son kissing and hugging his brother's recently-framed photos. 

The kids thought it would be fun to draw pictures of X's referral pics.

Son's drawing--he got a little aggressive with the red crayon

Daughter's drawing--she had a good bit of help from Mama (Or maybe I shouldn't tell you that since I'm not a great artist.  I should just let you think my three-year-old has prodigious talent.) 

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Melanie said...

I love it! My girls pray every morning for their brother in Korea. They pray for him to come home soon and they pray that he won't miss his foster family too much. They pray that he will like our family. It's so wonderful to hear them.