Thursday, January 12, 2012

thursday tidbits

What I'm listening to today:

For the girls, who love anything pink and princessy.

Sonny Rollins...legit jazz.  It's hard not to feel light-hearted when it's on, and Hummus Girl likes to shake her hips to it.

Israel Houghton...also good for the pre-bedtime living room dance party.

 Bryan and Katie Torwalt, part of the amazingness that is Jesus Culture music.

What I'm reading today:

A compilation of teachings from eight beautiful women, including Beni Johnson and Heidi Baker.  This one's gonna be good for me, I know it. 

Yes, please to Jane Austen...or any fictional extrapolation on her work.

I'm finally reading something from these inspiring friends of God.

What else I'm doing today:

Bundling up my winter princesses.  Yep, that's just about the right amount of snow for me.

Breaking up fights.  Sweet mother of pearl, can't anyone get along today?  How do I keep Princess Firecracker from smacking Shu in the head with Thomas the Tank Engine?  Sometimes he deserves it, I'm sure, but her aggression seems like something I should discourage.  I wouldn't even call them "virtual twins," but this two toddlers thing is tricky! 

Trying to make speech therapy "fun."  Ish.  

Encouraging straw drinking...good for improving oral muscle tone.  He's doing great with it.

Facilitating a little post-lunch craft/treat (thanks for the idea, Angie).

And...some hugging, some holding, some schooling, some Facebook, some bathing, some nap enforcement, some golf (the card game) with my eldest, some cleaning, some wondering what the heck is for dinner and who's going to make it, some lowering of my expectations, some praying, some smiling at the days to come.


Krissy said...

a day in the life of a mommy of 4!
love it!

awesome straw use - not only is it good oral skills but its a lifelong one as well!

(i had to take a nap)

Johanna said...

Love it....this IS the life!!!:))) btw, I could just eat Shu up...omgoodness, so cute!!

Stephanie said...

What a Thursday. My girls had the same difficulty just getting along forgoodnesssake.
I'm inspired by your reading...I want to be an avid reader, but I am not. But you inspire me to try harder. :)

Melanie said...

You get to read during the day?!? Other than that, and the snow, sounds like my day. My girls have been fighting like crazy lately, too.