Friday, September 2, 2011

preschool,'s all good

We decided, somewhat last minute, to enroll older daughter S in preschool.  (I wish I had some clever nickname for her like other bloggers have for their kids.  Anyone who knows us, feel free to offer suggestions!)  Anyhow...

Something had to give in order to relieve some of the pressure we'd been feeling around our house lately, and we'd been praying that God would guide us and that we'd know the right solution when we saw it.  Long story short...preschool three mornings a week, and she loves it!  I'm still home schooling the oldest kid, and intend to home school the rest.  But we're taking it one year at a time, and each of the littles might need to spend some time in preschool in order for this to work for us.  'Cause that's what it's about, right?  If mama ain't copin', then it's not workin', and something needs tweakin', right?  We're learning about flexibility and grace in this season.  Grace for the kids, grace for mom and dad.

My beauty-girl off to her first day of preschool
A couple of other kids who wanted in on the photo op
This morning was the year's first field trip with our home school coop.  We went to a local nature sanctuary for a good tromp through the woods, and survived with a minimum of crying from the two littles.  Thanks to my friends, Molly and Rachel, for their help with Princess Firecracker.  (I think that'll work as a nickname.)  

That is one cute Chinese kid, huh?
Creeks are awesome!

Every once in a while you have to beg someone to take your photo.
Creeks are even more awesome when you find a tiny frog.

Yep, she's on a leash.
Thanks, self-portrait setting!


Fab mom of Christian, Hannah, & Sarah :) said...

Girl, I did it all...home school, christian school, public school!! Each kid is so different!! I'm thankful for ALL of their education adventures and that I had a part in most of it :)

Krissy said...

gotta love princess firecracker - and those leashes are THE BEST!!!!! preschool will be good for hummus girl - she looks pretty social, as the #2 and will probably thrive... remember - you do what you have to and can... i was a homeschoolin' momma til #3 showed up with a funky heart... then that went down the drain... and 5 years later, public school is my good good friend.

z would have been right there with your #1 with the frogs!!!!

D said...

Yep. Creeks are great fun!
Now that weather's getting cooler, it's time for D & A & Hummus Girl'S "Big Adventure" through our neighborhood woods & creek. We all get wet and try to catch fish with our hands!

What fun!

Janet said...

I'm lovin the self-portrait. J looks relaxed and HAPPY!

TeamOehlkers said...

It's so true that we hardly have any pics of us moms taken! You have a beautiful family! Isn't it amazing how God just takes care of all the details...


M. said...

Great pics!! Love the new nickname. Jiushu looks like he's loving being with his mama in the self portrait. Happy little guy!!