Monday, February 28, 2011

His name...part 2

DH received another enlightening email from his Chinese student/friend, Jie.  Here's what she had to say about Jiushu's name:
I read your post and people's comments on the post last night! One comment suggested that you "have someone look at the characters for Jiushu and tell you how they came to be, if possible." I guess I can say something about these two characters. The first character '"Jiu" is composed of two parts. The major part means to seek, to look for, to ask for, or even to beg*. That's why this character means to save or to rescue. Because you usually seek for help, seek for opportunity and seek for life before you will be rescued. The second one "Shu" also has two parts. The left part means treasure (or precious things); and the right part means to sell. It means in order to get this treasure, you pay a lot, you sacrifice a lot! You even need to sell other things to get this treasure (or precious stuff) back. But it is all worthwhile because this treasure is special and important to you! Hope this helps a little bit.
*One etymology site gave this as a description of the "jiu" character:   The action of the hand of a beggar reaching out for help.

Two passages of scripture come to mind.  The first is on a painting hanging in our dining room, Psalm 116: 5-6 (NIRV):   The Lord is holy and kind.  Our God is full of tender love.  The Lord takes care of those who are as helpless as children.  When I was in great need, He saved me.  Even when I don't realize how desperately I need saving, or am entirely powerless to rescue myself (as was our son in China), the Lord comes in tender love and mercy, and He rescues.  Because that is who He is.  Oh, how grateful I am!

The second is Matthew 13: 45-46 (NASB)Again, the Kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.  To Jesus, I am a pearl of great price.  His blood paid for my salvation, my freedom, my position as friend and beloved daughter of the Father.  Jesus decided that I was worth that terrible cost, centuries before I was born.  Though I do not dare to presume that it compares, adoption helps me scratch the surface of comprehending that kind of love, that kind of sacrifice, knowing that in every orphan (and indeed, in every person) there is a treasure of inestimable value. 


Chris said...

I absolutely love the name for your son! I believe it's beautiful. It is cool that it is sort of like yours also. We serve an amazing God. I pray we get to meet sometime.

Mike said...

I wanted you to know that our worship team leader and his wife form the Rock House of Prayer (where I was the director) also are on a journey of adoption of a chinese child..Praying! Mike