Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day ? in Guangzhou

Is anyone other than me entirely unsure of what day it is?  I guess it's Sunday morning here, 6/5.  I did some shopping yesterday afternoon while Vince went to a paperwork meeting.  The shopkeepers all speak English and want our business very much.  Bargaining is expected here, and I've managed to get everything for less than asking price.  Go me!  Bought myself a beautiful Chinese dress, but it's a bit tight, so I'm hoping I can exchange it today.  Jiushu was long as we kept moving.  He and I walked around for a while, and he fell asleep in the stroller.  I was reprimanded for trying to take a photo of the Polish Consulate.  "NO photo!  NO photo!"  Oops.  Ran into some friends--they're with Madison; one of the couple was in Jiangsu with us--so we stood talking on the sidewalk for over an hour, and then had dinner together at Cow and Bridge, a Thai restaurant.  Very tasty, not too expensive.  We'll be going back there before we leave. 

Around every corner, on every street, are young couples having wedding photos taken.  I finally figured out their outfits are rented.  It's like Glamour Shots!  They look exquisite from the front, but their clothes are all safety-pinned and hitched up in the back, pants dragging on the ground, wearing jeans and flip-flops underneath.  So they just rent these outfits for the purpose of a glamorous photo.  Not a bad idea!  There are also "models" being photographed on the streets, some with a whole camera and makeup crew.  These pics will also give you a glimpse of the architecture here on Shamian Island...very western/European.  Later this afternoon we'll go to the Pearl and Jade market with our Holt group, followed by dinner together. 
model getting her makeup done

Dinner at Cow and Bridge with some new friends
Jiushu likes to stick a leg out while he sleeps.

Hey guys...what's up?


JESF....... said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog! Congratulations, and God Bless!

from Holt

Peggy said...

I have really enjoyed sharing your journey through your blog. Thank you for taking the time to give us details. I've learned so much! Praying for your family!

Michelle said...

Jiushu is so cute! Glad to hear you are doing well!

Lindsay said...

So glad you're all doing well. Hang in there these last few days. You'll be home with him soon. It's great that you're getting some shopping done (I wish I'd been able to do more...or been a little more efficient with it and bought more instead of just browsing).

Gena said...

So glad you found some yummy Thai food. Jiushu is so stinkin' adorable! He's looking so much more peaceful already. You're blog is wonderful, Scribe Jerusha! :) Oh, oh, oh, I keep forgetting to say thank you for the beautiful "gotcha" present! And also, we really enjoyed the cut peonies our first few days in the house. Love you!