Thursday, June 30, 2011

One month: what I know so far

My friend Suzanne, whom I met in Jiangsu (she was there adopting her son), reminded me that today marks exactly one month since we met Jiushu for the first time.  Here's what I've learned so far:

We may have brought home the cutest boy in all of China.  He's really a good looking kid.

He goes ballistic when he spies his bottle.  I cannot get it into his hands fast enough. 

His skin is like butter.  (Say it "like buttah"...from Coffee Talk with Linda Richman)

His noggin still sweats like crazy, but at least I know it has nothing to do with his heart.

He likes to stick his legs out of his crib.

He hates being on the changing table.  I have no doubt of his strength...the way he kicks and thrashes about during diaper changes. 

90% of the time he is happily calm, if not downright wild with joy.

His lips are enviably plump, and his eyes are like dark chocolate.  Mmmmm. 

He still gets very upset before I put him to bed, even though he cries for all of 24 seconds (or less) and then sleeps like a rock.  Not sure what that's about or how to remedy it.   

His nanny must have brushed his teeth.  He knows just what to do! 

He loves to swing. 

He does not like tomato sauce. 

He explores everything with the middle finger of his left hand.  It's like a little flagellum.

He was truly angry and grieving for a solid three weeks after we met him.  I think this is evidence of a strong little personality and will.  Jiushu has been through some trauma in his young life--abandonment, surgery, life in an orphanage, being taken away by two slightly neurotic parents and joining a new family.  I know he doesn't yet realize how much better his life will be from here on out.  But I can see that this boy has a fighting spirit...definitely not a bad thing.  And we are teaching him, day by day, what it means to feel consistently happy, safe, content, and loved. 

Here's to the next month...and all that we have yet to learn. 


themorellis said...

Let me be the first to comment. . .love, love, love your comments, your heart, and what God is doing in this little boy's life and heart. . . will be so happy to meet him some day soon. I love the picture of him with his legs out of the crib!! :)

Love you friend!

Jen said...

What a wonderful little guy you have! Enjoy :)

Rita and John said...

Oh, what a beautiful glimpse into your son! He is such a cutie. Our son hated tomato sauce for his first few months home and now he loves it. Go figure. I doubt they've had many (any?) tomatoes in China.

Peggy said...

What a beautiful update on your precious little sweetie. He is absolutely adorable.

rocket.p.grenade said...

I love the middle finger on his left hand!! Precious.

Melanie said...

Beautiful! So glad to hear how he is adjusting!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Keep posting these types of things -- you will love to go back and read them later when you have learned more and more and more about your little man. :)

D said...

We're thriled to read how little "J" is developing and displaying his strong, independent and loving behaviors. I think he's so much like his siblings and his mommy, daddy, aunts and grandparents! Lol!
I see a book coming from your blog my dear!

+Robbie+ said...

Yale said that the pointing with the middle finger is a cultural thing like us pointing with our "pointer" finger. I think thats so cool how he already picked that up in only one year of life!