Thursday, June 2, 2011


We have nothing scheduled today since our guide went with the other family to see their daughter's orphanage.  So we're just hangin' out.  I thought I'd write about some random tidbits, in no particular order.

Our guide Denise told us that only children (such as her) are allowed to have more than one child.  I had not heard that.

The traffic here is insane, but we're getting used to it.  We've been sticking close behind the natives, crossing when they do.  And sometimes you get half way across when a car comes at you.  You just keep walking and give a steely-eyed look that says, "Come on.  You and I both know you're not actually going to run me down."  They're driving pretty slowly when that happens, otherwise I'd certainly be more afraid than I am.

I don't really care for the food here.  At least, I haven't found something yet that I love.  I'm a fairly adventurous eater, and not at all picky.  But there's just something about the way the food is seasoned that I don't care for.  Now, Chinese food at home?  I adore!  And I'm looking forward to the Thai restaurant in Guangzhou.  I hope I'm not disappointed.

The hotel beds so far have been just fine.  The bed at the Beijing Hilton was amazing, and here in Nanjing (Central Hotel) is a bit harder, but certainly not as bad as some have written.  I suppose it depends on what you're used to.  Love the pillows, though.

We've had no problems using a VPN (Hide My A$$...seriously, that's the name of it) to access any website. 

We are eating and drinking anything we want from the breakfast buffets--milk, juice, coffee, fresh fruit and veggies, etc.  Haven't felt one bit sick so far.  I won't eat/drink those things from little local restaurants, but these fancy hotels obviously don't want Westerners to get sick. 

A bit more about Jiushu:  he rocks his head back and forth to soothe himself before going to sleep, and will cover part or all of his face with a light blanket.  He cannot sit up or stand.  We were advised he might have nerve damage...and it's possible.  But our best guess (based on the three days we've known him) is that he is institutionally delayed, having been given little or no opportunity to crawl, sit, develop his muscles at all.  This saddens us, of course, and is also especially exhausting, since he must always be held or lying down, something he need not do more of!  Would be so helpful to have a Bumbo seat here with us.  We think he may have a hernia.  Sheesh...poor kid.  Adoption is just an enormous grab-bag of unknowns!  Jiushu seems bright, curious, and playful.  He is quick to let us know what angers him, but is getting more easily pacified.  I love to stare into his deep chocolate eyes.  They are so clear and beautiful! Oh yeah...there was some mystery about how big J is.  The last update said 18 lbs.  That could be close, but boy is he skinny.  The 6-12 month pants I brought literally fell right down his hips.  Even the 6-9 month clothes are baggy on him, but also short in the legs.  He's just a long, thin fellow.  Must fatten him up! 

Tomorrow we'll visit Confucius Temple in the morning, and fly to Guangzhou late afternoon.
How dare you stop to take a photo?!?
He's really lovely, isn't he?
Likes the blanket on his face



Bethany Sexton said...

I am loving all your updates. Keeping you all in my prayers and thank you for allowing us in on this journey.

Jiushu is beyond adorable!

Aldridge Family China Adoption said...

We are absolutely captivated! Soldier on!!!

petiteblogger said...

Shall we meet for Thai sometime? :)

The Payne Family Blog said...

I have been thinking of you. (Follow you on Grafted In)! I will be praying for your journey. It sounds like your little man is letting you in a little more each day. Your blog is fabulous!!!


Linds said...


Rita and John said...

Oh, Jerusha, that first photo of him lying in the crib is so beautiful. He is such a handsome little guy. You may find more to eat in Guangzhou. We were definitely ready to get there by the time we left our son's province!

Krissy said...

i just posted a long note and suffice it to say, im just not that savvy... love the pix, love the info, love being a part of your journey!

Danielle and Ryan said...

Congrats, your son is beautiful. Alot of what you are saying reminds me of our experience. OUr daughter could not sit up or doing anything with out our help. It passed in about 4-5 days. Give it some time and you will see he will be sitting up on his own.

The Raudenbush Family said...

He really is a beautiful child -- his skin is so pretty and his eyes captivating. Glad things are getting better slowly but surely. Guangzhou will be easier, I'm sure. Hang in there!

M. said...

Jiushu has such a sweet face!! Precious little man.....blessed mommy and daddy!

Gena said...

J, thanks so much for sharing about your journey with us! I sure to prefer this method over having to wait to hear anything until you get back! :) Jiushu is so cute and precious. I miss you guys! Glad to see your sense of humor coming through in the pics. Liran went RIGHT to sleep last night. No surprise there, huh?