Friday, June 3, 2011

Medical exam...check.

Went to photo shop this morning to have Jiushu's visa photo taken.  Then a 15-minute walk to the medical clinic which was cram packed full of parents and their newly adopted kids.  Met Amber (He Starts With a Baby), and "beavmom" (from RQ); I'm sure there were a dozen other gals there whose screen names I would recognize.  But I think we were all a little stressed.  Exams didn't take too long, but Jiushu was none too pleased.  For what it's worth, the doctor could not detect any heart murmur. 

It's so nice to have reconnected with the rest of the Holt families here in Guangzhou.  The pace is MUCH slower here...deep sigh of relief.  I think we'll enjoy this last leg of our trip.  Short meeting this afternoon for one parent only, and then we have two free days. 
Last pic with our guide, Denise, at Nanjing airport

So reassuring, yes?
Daddy was able to jiggle him to sleep in the airport
on the way to the clinic in GZ
Mama waiting happily; J not so much.
ENT exam.  He didn't mind this one.


couchtots said...

I love reminiscing while looking at your photos. There used to be a sign in the examination room that said "Quiet Please." My hubby and I just chuckled and took a picture under it. When we returned in December, it was gone.
Still praying.

Rita and John said...

What a wedding dress! I feel like we could have the same exact picture of the crowded clinic. It will be wonderful to have some free time and a more relaxed pace. Hope you get to enjoy this time!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh the clinic...what chaos! Crazy isn't it? Enjoy your time off! Can you swim at the Victory?

M. said...

Hey, my 9 year old is qualified to check hearing at the clinic...don't you think?!?! ha ha!!