Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Culture of Adoption

Read this today on a blog written by Jason Kovacs, Director of Ministry Development for ABBA Fund.

The greatest thing you can do to establish a culture of adoption/orphan care in your church is to be gripped by the reality that God has adopted us as His children. The church is God’s great trans-racial adoptive family. As the gospel takes root in our hearts and we recognize that adoption is central to the heart and mission of God it also becomes something we care about. We will naturally begin to reflect our vertical adoption in our horizontal efforts. This is the foundation for creating a culture that believes that every Christian is called to care for the fatherless in some way. Not everyone is called to adopt but everyone is called to do something. The question for each Christian and each church is not “Should I care for orphans?” The question is “How can I care for orphans?”

Well said, Jason. I know the International House of Prayer in Kansas City is also deeply committed to releasing the adoption spirit and fostering this culture of care and compassion for the orphan.

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