Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: {showered with love}

My friends and family are of the ilk who believe every baby, even #4, deserves a party. So Saturday morning found me at a lovely shower in my (and Jiushu's) honor, hosted by my beautiful sister-in-law.
I'd been feeling a bit low, even while driving to the shower.  Rather like a woman eleven months pregnant.  Only instead of a swollen belly, it's my heart.  A heart ready to meet and know and love this child in the flesh.  Tired of looking at Jiushu's outdated pictures and yearning to examine every inch of his face and body until I know it the way a mother knows her child.  Weary of blogging about the process, the journey, the WAIT, and eager to write about (if I have time) a fourth little person actually here in our home and our lives. 

I felt renewed hope and joy after spending time with my sweet friends and receiving their blessings.  I also spent several hours this weekend pulling out baby boy clothes for Jiushu, hoping they're the right size*, remembering fondly the first time they were worn, getting more and more excited about seeing another boy toddling about...and just to add one more gerund...quelling my husband's fears that we are completely out of space.  (This last one is an ongoing pursuit.)  

*hint to The Powers That Be:  an update before travel would be nice.

Sunday Snapshot


Merrill said...

Oh how I remember the waiting. And the waiting. And the waiting! There is so much of that to be done during the adoption process. How thoughtful of your friends to honor you with a party. Love the puppy coming out of the top of the diaper cake! :)

Kim and Greg said...

Awww...what a wonderful, loving (and much needed!) gesture of support and encouragement during the last leg in your wait! It will be here before you know it!


Jodi said...

How wonderful to have friends who are so excited to share the wait with you! Praying you are united soon!!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

What a wonderful party and celebration for you and for your new little one. That's so great. I know you are ready to move to the next part of this journey -- but don't forget to drink deeply of what God has for you right now. :)