Monday, July 18, 2011


My little ol' blog got herself a new 'do!  Now that our adoption process is complete and Jiushu is home with us, I wanted to change the focus a bit, add some new photos, and just make things...well, prettier!  Besides, regretfully, we didn't even see the Great Wall while we were in China, so goodbye to the photo. 

As for the new blog title (the address remains the same):

Several years ago I heard of a sermon, maybe more than once, about God giving "handfuls on purpose."  The reference is from the book of Ruth, where Boaz directs his men to let grain fall purposely for Ruth (the KJV says "handfuls") so that she might have plenty, and of course he then becomes her kinsman redeemer.  I love, love, love this foreshadowing of Christ!  There was a stretch of time during which it was practically guaranteed that I would hear from someone, as I was out shopping with my (then) three children, "Wow, you've got your hands full."  It always surprised me.  Three kids?  Is that a lot of kids?  In my mind I would respond "No, I don't think they're full yet."  And I remembered those sermons about handfuls on purpose.  My blog title is sort of a play on words...but a serious nod to God's abundant grace, and Jesus' redeeming love. 

Fast forward to now.  Four kids.  And yeah, I've actually taken all four to the grocery store.  I didn't hear the "hands full" comment, but something similar like, "Is that all of them?" as we passed through the checkout line.  I think it's safe to say my hands are full, for now.  But full on purpose.  With intention and willingness.  The Lord has stored up blessing and abundance for us--in part, these four children of ours--because we fear His name and take refuge in Him. 

Enjoy the new look! 


Jen said...

Love the new name and look!

Michelle said...

Awesome title! I love it!

Nancy said...

I love the new look! Easy breezy! And I adore the title!