Saturday, August 6, 2011

song for the orphan and the orphan-no-longer

My oldest son spent every evening this past week at VBS, a.k.a. "Summer Jam."  Last night the whole family went to pick him up and watch the finale/recap of the week.  Jiushu sat (or stood) on my lap the whole time, attempting to wiggle free only a couple of times.  Not sure where he thought he was headed.  I'm just speculating here...I wonder if kids who have lived in orphanages are used to being held or sitting in laps.  But he and I had a delightful time!  I liked being with him, watching him smile at my friend sitting behind us.  I enjoyed his contentment and relaxation in my lap...still a rarity most days.

One of the kids' songs for the week, which we sang again last night, was "I Am Not Forgotten," a song recorded by Israel Houghton on his Alive in South Africa album (which we own and love).  Yay for not hating the VBS songs!  And on that note, do all our worship songs have to be so vanilla?  Ah, but I digress.  So we were singing it singing it right in his ear...and it hit me...whoa...what an amazing truth for my son to internalize.  The Father to the fatherless has always seen him, loved him, and known his name, just as He knows the name of every child still waiting to know the love and permanence of a family.

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